Hwa Rang Sword Method


Level Four - 3rd Geup


Time in Grade: 4 months (or 48 hrs)

Skills Training: 

a.) Three Kinds of Opportunities  ( Teum

b.) Target Drills

Body Check; Head Strike

Body Check; Wrist Strike 

Body Check; Chest Strike 

Evade Left; Descending Strike

Evade Right; Descending Strike 

c.) Sword Method:   

Body Checks and Haft Strikes



d.) Bon Class: 

 Hwa Rang O-Geom: Yong Geom ( 화 랑 5 검 : 용 검 )

                       8-Parry Drill: Levels Seven and Eight 

            Pal Pung Ta Geom-Beop

Sa Cho Shik (parts 1&2)

 Yeh-Ta Geom-Beop (예타  검법 ):  To face the desire to accrue honors.

O Cho Shik (parts 1&2)

    Ching-Ta Geom-Beop ( 칭타  검법 ):  To face ones' own arrogance.