Hwa Rang Sword Method


Level One - 6th Geup



Time in Grade: 4 months (or 48 hrs)

Skills Training: 

a.) Dojang Etiquette

Standing Bow { Ip Ryeh (입 례) }

Kneeling Bow { Chwa Ryeh (좌 례) }

Three Etiquettes { Ye jôl (예 절 ) }

a.) Respect for the Flag b.) Respect for Masters and Seniors c.) Respect for Colleagues

Three Virtues

b.) Class Warm-up

Push Step - { Mi ri keon gi (밀 미 건 기 )} 

 Forward and Rearward   

Walking Step 

Three-Count Striking -  { Sam Dong Jak  ( 삼 동 작 ) }

Two-Count Striking -  { I Dong Jak  ( 이 동 작 ) }

Single-Count Striking -  { Il Dong Jak  (일 동 작 ) }

Single Count Strike w/ hopping step - { Paruen meori ( 빠른 머리) }

Forward & Rearward Push-step Cutting - { Huri-gi  (후리기)}

Alternate Oblique Cutting - { Jaue Huri-gi  (자우  후리기 ) }  

Turn-about Cutting - {MomTong Jaue Huri-gi (몸통 후리기)}

c.) Basic Cutting - Introduction

Straight Descending Cut {Chungmyeon be-gi( 중면  배기--中面) 

Left Descending Cut  { Chwa be-gi  ( 좌  배기-- 左 ) 

(Both Steep and Shallow Descending Cut)

Right Descending Cut  { U be-gi ( 우  배기-- 右 ) 

(Both Steep and Shallow Descending Cut)

Horizontal Cut  { Hwengdan be-gi (횡단  배기-- 橫斷 )

d.) Basic Parries - Introduction

High Parry

Outside Parry

Inside Parry 

e.) Sword Method:   O-Beop

Middle Guard Position - { Jung Dan Se (중 단 세)}

High Guard Position - { Eum Se ( 음  세 )}

Superior Guard Position - {Sang Dan Se (상 단 세)}

    Center (offensive) - 

    Center (defensive) 

    Left Side 

    Right Side - 

Low Guard Position - { Ha Dan Se (하 단 세)}

Rear Guard Position - {Yang Se (양 세)} 

f.) Bon Class: 

            Hwa Rang O-Geom: Chung Geom

             Salutation for Two-Person Drills { In Sa  (인 사) }

             8-Parry Drill: Levels One and Two